TECH TUESDAY: Free Riser Effect Download for Ableton Live

For this edition of Tech Tuesday, I am giving you a free download of one of my riser effects I created with Ableton's Operator synth.

This riser synth is perfect for all your EDM productions. Download the .adg file and drop it onto an empty MIDI track in Ableton Live. Press any key or draw in a note to hear the default sound. The default sound is a standard riser with no effects. Five macro controls are readily available to fit the riser to your mix. The controls include riser length, LFO amount, LFO type, distortion, and delay. I hope this sound will help elevate your track to the next level! If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


download: Joey Casanova Operator Riser 1

#techtuesday #operator #riser #ableton #effects

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