Tech Tuesday: Elevate Your Performance

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will feature a technical related post. Here you will find my favorite tutorials, studio/DJ setups, and plugin presets.

Today's Tech Tuesday is dedicated to my one of my favorite DJ and production sites, I make sure I'm always up to date with their site since all their posts are useful to me in some way. I embrace all forms of musical expression therefore I search for new methods of performance and production. We live in the "Telecommunication Age" where information is passed on faster than you can blink your eyes, so I take advantage of the internet, especially Youtube, to inspire new ideas and techniques.

I especially enjoyed this post since DJ Tech Tools featured one of my favorite artists in the house scene, Dubfire. I also am featuring his old group, Deep Dish on my monthly podcast coming later this week. In the video, he shows his live setup and how he uses Ableton push with Traktor.

Dubfire makes some interesting points as producer/DJ in the video, but one of them stands out to me the most: "We all have access to the same tools. But it's how you use it [and] it's how you give it a personality - your personality - that I think really makes you stand out from everyone else..." I have been currently figuring out how to use all my tools in my studio to a live performance setting, rather than just the typical DJ setup. You can see my "Spaceship" setup when I play with BNMC, but for 2014 I am going to make a major upgrade to the configuration.

Another group that inspired me to work on the "Spaceship" more is EOTO. These two guys are a improv electronic band. When I saw them at Terminal West in Atlanta, my mind was absolutely blown. They were producing epic drops and tight grooves - all on the fly! I immediately went to my studio and reconfigured it so I could jam live with other people. We have been rehearsing for a couple of months now, and once I get the whole process tight enough I plan to make a live video feed of the jams.

I encourage all my fellow musicians and DJs to get out of your comfort zone and keep on learning!

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