The Joey Casanova



Casanova.  The great lover. But due to popular misconception, this Casanova is not just a lover of romance and physical conquests, but a lover of life, especially the profound influence it has on music.  Being a humble and compassionate man, he wishes to change the public understanding of a Casanova to "a lover of all."  He would always try to connect with people of all types despite being chastised by his other friends. This open love for all became a defining factor in his diverse knowledge of music. 


Scholars can date his first musical encounter when he was just a curious child playing the piano at the tender age of five.  His father soon realized his talents and found him a teacher to help refine his skills.  Growing up he found love in many other instruments growing up such as the clarinet, trumpet, guitar, and bass.  He played in school bands and heavy rock bands until he discovered the art of production and DJing in college.


Once he established skills in production and DJing, he started a production company, High Rock Entertainment, along with one of his best friends.  Together they spent 7 years recording and producing many of Atlanta's local and established talent including Yung Joc, Ying Yang Twins, Mims,  Chris Willis, Niles Mason, and Keith Sweat.  They not only worked on music projects but film and TV productions as well. 


Presently, Joey is primarily focusing on two projects: BNMC and his EDM productions.  BNMC is the founding  group of #Sumbodies that shares their voices of music together as a hybrid hip-hop, electronic, rock band.  In only just over a year they have secured 2 national tours with Rehab and Bubba Sparxxx.  Their energy is undeniable and must be witnessed live to experience the full power of their performances. 


With his EDM productions, Joey has been a perfectionist to his craft for many years now.  As a Casanova to all forms of music, his influences are constantly being tested and experimented in his productions.  To compliment his skills behind the boards, he also takes the art of DJing and controllerism seriously.  "Nothing beats the satisfaction of learning something new about your passion," he states. He keeps an open mind to new technologies and sounds, thus letting his natural music evolution take course. 



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